Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Buy a Diamond

cantik kann.... google image =)

              Every year many couples become engaged and find themselves shopping around for a diamond engagement ring. Many times this search turns into a confusing task. One simply cannot look to a Consumer Report to find specifics on a diamond ring. However, this process can be made quite simple if the prospective buyer follows a few simple guidelines. First, he should know the three C’s of a diamond; secondly, find a respectable jeweler; and thirdly, choose a style that his fiancée will be happy with for many years to come.
              First, the prospective buyer should familiarize himself with the three C’s of a diamond. Every diamond has its own characteristics which determine its value. Most important is color. Every diamond possesses color, but it is the absence of color that increases the value of this gem. Second only to color is the cut. How the fifty-eight facets are cut in relation to the weight determines the value of the diamond. On an ideally cut diamond, 53% of the weight is at the girdle or middle part of the diamond. Clarity is less important than cut and color. Clarity is a value based on the number of inclusions that a diamond contains. An ideal diamond, sometimes called a “perfect diamond,” would be one without any inclusions. The least important characteristic of a diamond is its weight; that is, the number of carats it contains. A diamond that ranks high in color, cut, and clarity but weighs only .50 carats is worth more than a 1 carat stone with poor color, cut, and clarity.

              After the buyer has become familiar with the three C’s of a diamond, he should find a reputable jeweler to do business with. The majority of jewelers in business today are reputable. The buyer should find out if the jeweler offers a bond that states exactly what the customer is buying. The buyer should request an appraisal and have the jeweler sign it. The customer should also find out if the jeweler offers some sort of guarantee in case the diamond comes out of the mounting. In addition, the buyer should inquire about whether the salesperson or someone within the store is a graduate of the Gemology Institute of America or certified by the Diamond Council of America. If any doubt remains, he can check with the Better Business Bureau.

             Third, and equally important, is finding a style the buyer’s fiancé will be happy with for many years to come. Today, diamond rings come in such a variety of styles that the buyer can easily be confused. He should always consider the type of hand on which the ring will be worn. If his fiancé’s fingers are short and stubby, he should avoid styles that have wide bands. Not only do wide bands accentuate short fingers, but also they often detract from a pretty diamond. Furthermore, the buyer should keep in mind that simplicity is elegance in fine jewelry. Traditional mountings are always in style, and the wearer won’t likely become bored with them. In general, the buyer should choose a band that will complement his fiancé’s engagement ring since both rings are frequently worn on the same finger.

              If the above process is followed, buying a diamond ring need not be a confusing task after all. If the buyer knows the three C’s of a diamond, finds a reputable jeweler, and considers the style of the ring, he more than likely will choose--with the help of his fiancé, of course--a beautiful ring that will last a lifetime. Such a ring will definitely enhance a couple’s engagement.


thumbelina story


now time is about 4.40 am... and im done watching thumbelina.. hhh... this is for exam ok.. kau ade?xde kan......aihh  kena faham cerita dia... bt lima elements.. bt sinopsis.. h h h.... heee... dulu aku tgk cerita thumbelina ni for suka-suka.. haha..

for the kids... aku xsuggest this story.. jalan cerita tu ok.. menarik.. about adventure, friendship and the nature kan... and yang paling aku suka about the songs... you're sure to do impossible things... if you know where to start... just follow the heart.... anything  make you desire... anything make you higher... i love it's much.. but the part kissing tu yang xbagus for children.. so.. aku sangat-sangat xsupport this stories....

kalau nak buat role play or dramatic play.. i don't think so.. choose other.. but if nak ambil lagu-lagu dlm cerita ni... sangat lah mengalakkan..  u can change the story... u can take the good and let not take the not good good side..kan..kan...

so to sesiapa nak watch this story... jom...hee

heee.. i do really love the songs mehhh.... <3
next time aku buat entri lirik lagu and lagu dlm cerita ni ek.... heee
tomotomotomo lurve...


Saturday, September 28, 2013

comel tak? heh..heh..heh

comel kan k.ton.. hahaha


Friday, September 27, 2013



another 22 minute before tomorrow.. then i'm a **  and 1 day years old... hee... ok.. sy tired nak taip panjang-panjang... headache... dr td lagi.. can't focus study also...

pray for me uols =)

k. bye going to sleep... sleepy beauty -,-
good night sweet dream uols....


domino pizza and lava cake


hee.. harini my nephew arshad call many-many times.. singing a birthday song and wishing me... i love him..  talk to my little sophia also.. love her love them...the kids make me younger than them.. to my mom.. ask for a present... hee.. sometime i just don't know what to talk to my mom.. but actly i have lot of things to talk to... ask for her Doa' for my coming final exam...and bla bla bla.... hee... while  my dad was not around so the phone giving back to my nephew arshad.... hew2...

around 2.30 pm somebody knock our door... my friend intai... eyhhh ada pakcik.. and surpriseeee!!! ada pitza.... hee... actly i dah tau my sista want buy pizza.. so i can guess who is knock the door...

thank you pakcik hntr pizza.... thank you my sister (k.cik) and other siblings also hee... iols love uols <3 hahaha...

nyummy <3
my favourite =)

the cake sungguh enak... i love lava cake <3

thank my friends, my housemate my coursemate again wishing me birthday and singing me a birthday song again.. heh3.. (malu)^_^

last but not least... happy birthday to my sista @EMIY SAZALIN.. we are on the same month... earlier  4days and 4 years than me.. hee...
love her too.. remember that i only one your sista.. hahaha

i'm a happy KID and really happy today :D
may Allah bless my day and complete me to be a better muslim... Aamiin.. insyaallah =)


Running Man

running man group

heh3... since last week kot baru aku faham cerita running man ni... hahaha...  kuno sungguh...
actly,, aku tahu pasal running man ni dah lama.. dh tgk ex roomate dan housmate aku gelak macam.. tetttt... heh3..
tp tula sebab xfaham and malas nak layan kan...

lagipun aku ni bukan pemint tegar k-pop..cuma minat kim hyun joong jepp.. hak3...
dalam banyak-banyak k-pop... hahaha...

tapi sekarang ni.. hahaha aku minat sang gary....

Photo: (Ep164) Monday Couple <3

Gary:It's hard, isn't it? <3

ㅋㅋ cute ^^

comell betul... kan..kan...

running man ni actly bagus tv show dia.. boleh bt kita hilang stress.. dan gelak.. hidup pun sentiasa ceria.. hilang segala duka dan nestapa... muka pun senyum jer.. boleh awet muda tau :P

p/s- ingat tengok games ni masa stress and free time jer... okehhh =)



getting younger than yesterday...


this is my third entry...hew...
secara rasminya umur saya dah menurun satu tahap... kalau... huhu.. Alhamdullilah... now i'm getting younger... h h h.. still xnak mengaku dah tua kan... :P

thank you mom... thank you dad for bringing me here.. to this world... thank you Allah for giving me chances to stay live... O' Allah thank you for the breath that you give me... thank you for the healthy body that you borrowed me... thank you for everything O' Allah... may Allah bless my day... bless what i'm doing and help me to be the better muslim in future.. Aamiin.. Insyaallah....


i got suprised from my housemate... my coursemate... my friends... thank you friends.... stayla, mel, k.lin, nanak and mika chan... thank you...even though this is the study week time for ours final.. youols still here for celebrate my birthday.. still planning to do something for cheering me up.. thank you for your hard work... thank you for singing me a birthday song.. thank you for every single things =)

thank you =)
i'm touching actly :'(

tettttttt...... throwback time.......

last year celebration at college.. with many of friend... but not much pic that i have with me... thank you everybody who plan the day... 
i still remember the songs,cake, cupcake and burger king that prepared by uols... thank you so much :D

last but not least... thank you for my friend who wish me in advance today.. nor.. heh2... and also most thanks to others friends who chat with me, msg and post birthday wishes on my facebook wall and so on... i really appreciate... 

thank you also for my family.. who never forget to wish my birthday.. to celebrate of course since i was child...  and since i enter the university.. i did'nt have a chances to celebrate anymore with them :(
i miss my childhood time... with childhood friends, balloons and cake... those moments make me a happy kids till today... kids kah? heh3... and yeshhh!  i'm a happy kids =) 

soonlah i upload gmbr when i was a kid.. hehe.. how adorable i am... (perasan)
internet slow pulok doh.... ngeh3....

zhu ni shengri kuaile wan suhaida wan yusoff...
may happiness is always with you and people around you... 
Aamiin... insyaallah =)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

counting the seconds


ya allah... kenapa harini aku rasa nak menangis...  tapi airmati ni xnak keluar... aku xsedih tapi aku rasa sesak...

tidak sampai dua jam lagi.. umur aku akan meningkat satu lagi angka... huhuhu.... i just don't know..... what i want to say....

google image
i want to feel calm Allah...
help me to be better muslim...


seperti dia (ost ramadhan yang hilang)

Ku lakukan semua hanya untukmu
Biar kau tak mengerti apa maksudku
Namun masa terlalu singkat
Untuk aku buktikan padamu
Untukku... buktikan padamu

Ku jejak tiap haluan dia tuju
Kerna ku hanya mahu menjadi seperti dia
Ku harap malam tak muncul bintang
Kerna mereka tahu aku tak sama

Ku harap malam tak muncul bintang
Kerna mereka tahu aku tak sama

Jalani hidupku jadi dirimu
Mencari sesuatu yang pernah hilang
Namun hidup terlalu singkat
Untuk aku buktikan semua
Untukku... buktikan semua

done final with mandarin 2


Alhamdulillah harini akhirnya settle dah final untuk mandarin.. rasa lega sangat... thanks to all.. walaupun pelbagai rasa yang aku rasa sepanjang tempoh ni... akhirnya hasilnya jua adalah yang terbaik.. we are won as the best group..  Alhamdulillah again..  pada aku, i don't much put more effort to this.. but i had try as my best to be cooperate with them.. i pushed my heart so hard... i try to smile i try to laugh.. walaupun itu mungkin hipokrit.. biarlah... yang penting segalanya baik saja bagi mereka... 

for this semester i had face a lot of things surround me.. it's challenge my mind. feel really tired and want to give up... but alhamdullillah thanks to Allah thanks to those friend for helping me to survive... and i'm a live i'm a live i'm a live and now i can fly.... hohoho

now.. the next step is focusing on the other subject... the other paper that is coming around.. just now aku check course mark for  professional english pun c+ jer... i need to hard work more...  ouh miss shalini... why u did do this to me? 

Ya Allah andainya kau beriku kejayaan kepadaku... berikanlah jua kepada raka-rakanku... 
Ya Allah... seandainya kau menghadiahkan kejayaan kepada rakan-rakanku... kau hadiahkanlah jua kepadaku... Aamiin.. insyaallah :)

huhu.. wish me luck geng...  wish me the best...


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

angin syurga-misha omar

Ku himpun waktu ucapan terindah
terbenam sudah asmara
mesranya siang dan malam
selalu kau tiup kan angin syurga padaku

Ku himpun makna kata darimu
harum yang mekar di kebun hati
dan katamu sebuah kota bahagia dan berdiri ..

Sehingga hujung masa
berbisik sendiri dan terbit suara kalbuku
kasihku… tuluskah cintamu
sebuah jawapan ku damba dari bibir mu .. bibir mu

Tidakkah kau tahu hidup punya waktu
kasih tersia bukan itu ku mahu
andai kau membisu tentu akhirnya
perpisahan ini akan tetap terjadi


Ku himpun waktu ucapan terindah
terbenam sudah asmara
mesranya siang dan malam
selalu kau tiup kan angin syurga padaku

Ku himpun makna kata darimu
harum yang mekar di kebun hati
dan katamu sebuah kota bahagia dan berdiri ..

Sehingga hujung masa
berbisik sendiri dan terbit suara kalbuku
kasihku… tuluskah cintamu
sebuah jawapan ku damba dari bibir mu .. bibir mu

Tidakkah kau tahu hidup punya waktu
kasih tersia bukan itu ku mahu
andai kau membisu tentu akhirnya
perpisahan ini akan tetap terjadi

Sumber :

Monday, September 23, 2013

Semestar 4 final


since aku dah naik pangkat jd second year student ni...  aku pun dah makin busy.. makin stress.. makin bahagia.. makin..makin..makin.. h h h..

anyway.. aku nak update sikit cerita aku ngn kwn aku ni.. aku rasa relationship aku and my this friend getting better day by day... thanks God... Alhamdulillah.. moga persahabtan ini terus terjalin.. bukan esok.. bukan lusa.. bukan untuk sehari tapi selama-lama lamanya..hehehe.. copy ayat couple seminggu ckit..hek3...

okok... next week aku dah fnal.. dan sepatutnya minggu ni minggu study week.. tapi kelas still diwujudkan..hoho... apa boleh buat... dan minggu ni juga aku kena settle kan pre registeration for my next semester... busy.. tired.. but  tetttt... dah nak habis.. hooray!! aku dah jd student final year... sangat tidak sabar... semoga dipermudahkan segalanya oleh Allah.. Aamiin...

her praktikum report

when i'm look at this picture... waa.. feel like to crying... can i do this? can i do this? can i do like this? or can i do better than this? huk3... this is belong to my senior, my ex roomate my ex housemate... so proud of her.. huk3... di akhir-akhir sem ni la aku kena mendidik perasaan sabar.. supaya nanti aku boleh menghasilkan sesuatu dengan lebih baik.. insyaallah... Aamiin tahniah k.siha =) <3

heee,,, esok aku nak p jumpa abg handsome tu lagi...hik3...
nk p print kerja mandarin 2...
then.. semuanya finish and after that can get to sleep.... hehehe...


kupu-kupu cinta

Pertemuan ini menjadi suatu berarti
Dikala diri menepi untuk warna-warna hati
Ruang-ruang jiwa hanya untuk maha kuasa
syair-syair cinta tercipta karna dia

Kupu-kupu cinta 
terbanglah tinggi menuju jalannya
Hinggaplah engkau dibunga yang indah
Terbang bersama hembus angin cinta

Ya illahi Robbi
Tiada lain hanyalah namamu
Satukan Cinta ini dalam bingkai
Untaian ridhomu

Pertemuan ini menjadi suatu berarti
Dikala dirai menepi untuk warna-warna hati

very nice song too... especially dekat chorus... love love love


Sunday, September 22, 2013

facts about baby...

google image =)
so adorable kan?... tomeii ngat <3

this are the facts about baby: 

1. Bayi tiada kepala lutut. Ia tidak membentuk sehinggalah bayi berusia 6 bulan.

2. Bayi tiada air mata. Mereka menangis dan menjerit tetapi air mata sebenar tidak wujud sehinggalah bayi berusia 5 minggu.

3. Mereka mempunyai lebih tulang. Orang dewasa mempunyai 206 dan bayi pula 300 tulang. Kebanyakan dari tulang tersebut bercantum semasa bayi membesar.

4. Empat dari 10 bayi mempunyai tanda lahir.

5. Bayi mempunyai deria bau yang kuat. Boleh mengenali bau badan ibu sebaik dilahirkan.

6. Penglihatan bayi kabur sebaik sahaja dilahirkan.

7. Rambut bayi yang tumbuh semasa dalam rahim ibu akan gugur beransur ansur dan digantikan sepenuhnya oleh rambut baru apabila berusia 6 bulan.

8. Bayi baru lahir secara genetiknya mempunyai deria bunyi yang kuat. Boleh membezakan bunyi-buyian dan boleh mengenali suara ibu serta merta semasa dilahirkan

9. Deria rasa bayi masih tidak berbentuknya sepenuhnya semasa lahir. Tidak boleh membezakan rasa seperti manis atau masin dengan baik.

10. Jantung bayi baru lahir berdenyut diantara 120-160 degupan seminit berbanding dengan degupan jantung orang dewasa iaitu 60-80 seminit.

11. Bayi bernafas lebih cepat iaitu 30-50 nafas seminit berbanding dengan orang dewasa 16-20 nafas seminit.

12. Berat bayi bertambah 2 kali ganda dari berat semasa lahir pada usia 6 bulan.

13. Mendengarkan music klasikal menambah kepintaran bayi.

14. Bayi baru lahir tidur 15-20 jam sehari.

15. Bayi cuma mempunyai satu lapisan kulit sebab itulah ia akan alah dan kemerahan dengan senang kepada losyen wangi, sentuhan kasar, gigitan serangga dan sebagainya.

16. Bayi mempunyai kebolehan menyelam sebaik dilahirkan tetapi kebolehan tersebut akan hilang dengan cepatnya.

okok...itu jepp...entry ni entry copy paste from facebook... hee.. it's just for everybody learning and get more information from it... heee... 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

tuhan beri aku cinta


few days ago.. aku ternampak ada tajuk e-novel tuhan beri aku cinta... tajuk dia macam lagu ayushita yang aku dengar tiap-tiap hari over a year ago till now.. kadang-kadang berulang-ulang aku dengar sampai loya tekak ex roomate aku yang dulu.. heee...

when i found the e-novel like the same tittle my favorite song.. apa lagi aku pun teringin la nak tahu cerita dia...lagu ayushita sangat meaningful... sangat mendayu...and can help me to sleep better.. cehhh... and novel ni pula.. i don't know yet...

read here the blog owner

ak dah baca this e-novel sampai bab 4 sebab tuan dia xupdate lagi... novel ni quite nice sebab jarang aku baca watak perempuan india dalam novel setakat ni.. tambh2 lagi hero dia pula bisu(special needs).. melainkan ada satu novel yang aku pernah baca.. akoustik apa tah tajuk dia.. pengakhiran cerita dia.. watak lelaki akoustik tu cuma penipuan semata2.. quite fun and interesting la...

hopefully e-novel tuhan beri aku cinta ni boleh beri hi5 star lah.. hee.. l love the song... i love the song... tomotomotomo muchhh <3

listen here yukk

lena tidurku ... hek3


Characteristics of Gifted Students

Gifted students exhibit several common characteristics, as outlined in the following list. As in the case of learning disabled students, giftedness usually means a combination of factors in varying degrees and amounts. A gifted student …
  • Has a high level of curiosity.
  • Has a well-developed imagination.
  • Often gives uncommon responses to common queries.
  • Can remember and retain a great deal of information.
  • Can not only pose original solutions to common problems but can also pose original problems, too.
  • Has the ability to concentrate on a problem or issue for extended periods of time.
  • Is capable of comprehending complex concepts.
  • Is well organized.
  • Is excited about learning new facts and concepts.
  • Is often an independent learner.


list of some of the common indicators of learning disabled students.

These traits are usually not isolated ones; rather, they appear in varying degrees and amounts in most learning disabled students. A learning disabled student …
  • Has poor auditory memory—both short term and long term.
  • Has a low tolerance level and a high frustration level.
  • Has a weak or poor self-esteem.
  • Is easily distractible.
  • Finds it difficult, if not impossible, to stay on task for extended periods of time.
  • Is spontaneous in expression; often cannot control emotions.
  • Is easily confused.
  • Is verbally demanding.
  • Has some difficulty in working with others in small or large group settings.
  • Has difficulty in following complicated directions or remembering directions for extended periods of time.
  • Has coordination problems with both large and small muscle groups.
  • Has inflexibility of thought; is difficult to persuade otherwise.
  • Has poor handwriting skills.
  • Has a poor concept of time.
look here for 


appropriate strategies with learning disabled students

            Teaching learning disabled youngsters will present you with some unique and distinctive challenges. Not only will these students demand more of your time and patience; so, too, will they require specialized instructional strategies in a structured environment that supports and enhances their learning potential. It is important to remember that learning disabled students are not students who are incapacitated or unable to learn; rather, they need differentiated instruction tailored to their distinctive learning abilities. 

there are some tips to use....

  • Provide oral instruction for students with reading disabilities. Present tests and reading materials in an oral format so the assessment is not unduly influenced by lack of reading ability.
  • Give immediate feedback to learning disabled students. They need to see quickly the relationship between what was taught and what was learned.
  • Make activities concise and short, whenever possible. Long, drawn-out projects are particularly frustrating for a learning disabled child.
  • Learning disabled youngsters have difficulty learning abstract terms and concepts. Whenever possible, provide them with concrete objects and events—items they can touch, hear, smell, etc.
  • Learning disabled students need and should get lots of specific praise. Instead of just saying, “You did well,” or “I like your work,” be sure you provide specific praising comments that link the activity directly with the recognition; for example, “I was particularly pleased by the way in which you organized the rock collection for Karin and Miranda.”
  • When necessary, plan to repeat instructions or offer information in both written and verbal formats. Again, it is vitally necessary that learning disabled children utilize as many of their sensory modalities as possible.
  • Encourage cooperative learning activities (seeTeaching with Cooperative Learning) when possible.Invite students of varying abilities to work together on a specific project or toward a common goal. Create an atmosphere in which a true “community of learners” is facilitated and enhanced.


little words about gifted children

The Gifted children are extraordinary, over clever, and they only have a good in a certain skills. These children also represent the other extreme on the continuum of academic, social and scientific abilities. This children also need special education opportunities if they are to reach their potential. If we neglect their potential maybe this children lost their opportunities to have a good things in their future. We can identified them by their behaviors such as they has a wide range of interest, they are really anxious to try new things, they seems very alert and gives rapid answers. Other than that, they also has really good self confidence and can solve problem ingeniously. 

Special need children and the gifted children are different but we cannot treat them as different like them. Special need children they still a children like a normal children. They does not need a special treatment. But they need acceptance from all people around them. While the gifted children is a gift from creator to us. We have to find their precious natural resource so that we won't lose something worth from them.

i'll continue later about gifted children.. i'll update with more information next time...
cheer up and live well...


their eyes and smile...children with special need

look here  for more information...

material and facilities

they really special

they love to hugs us.. and i'm shocked... she's come, hugs and kiss me... feel like to crying... 

us with the children and teachers


children with teacher is a hyperactive children.. might hurt themselves and others children...
boy with his birthday celebration.. sing him a birthday song...

gift's from God

us with the principle...

they are special, unique with their own way... 


example children with special needs

There a many type of special needs children in this school. here ) The most disabilities is slow learner. The other types is cerebral palsy, hyperactive, down syndrome, communication disorder and so on....

First my group and I enter mathematics class which is only two student inside. Who their name is Ifwat faris and Auf.  Both is 10 years old. Ifwat have hyperactive. He was jumping up and down, not sit still, disturbed his teacher and friends, injuring himself and also his friend. He need a full care and attention to prevent him from injuring himself. From what the teacher said, it is was enough if he can be sit quietly only for a while. When he is injured, the teacher or his parents rub the medicine on the wound but did not last long because he was digging wound back. So the wound will never be better or if the wound cure another lesion arising. This child had a therapy but the teacher not sure what kind of therapy he had at home. During rest time. This child cannot eat or if he ate he need a teacher to watch him. Usually he only eat when he back at his home. This child also climbing his house grill. Second child name Auf, have cerebral palsy, cannot communicate and stubborn. But, he is friendly with new people. This child know when his teacher scold him. He also need need a attention.

            Next, we went to another classes. There are five student at all. Nabilah hanum have down syndrome problem, second Amirah Sofea have slow learner problem and cannot talk. Third is Zulaikha and Athirah also have same problem with Amirah. The last one is Danial. Danial have Dysathria, hearing problem and use hearing aids as his impairment. When, we enter the classes. The class just has start. The teacher given a worksheets to them. They need to color the paper given. The teacher said that the children would not be finished coloring. But unfortunately all of them finished the activity very well. The first person finished was Daniel. He look focus on what he is doing. He recognizes the color name well. He can hear what I am asking him even if he use   the hearing aids. He cannot talk well but he is trying to talk. Surprisingly that he can answer my question and not giving up talking even if it is seemed difficult to say. His smile and the baby faces he had made us calm.

            Next we went to another classes. We meet another types of children. At this class we meet Amar. He had the same problem with danial. He is also have dysphasia. Cannot talk because of his health, cannot eat, but only drink milk every 3 hour. His mother will come to the school every 3 hour to maintain his health and taking care and giving him drink milk. He was slow learner and never liked to hold a pencil.

            During rest time, we meet another children at canteen. He is Abdul Razak. 10 years old. He taking a normal school and classes. He is not include in special need class even if he have physical problem and using wheelchair. This child is clever more than a normal child. His taking his meal with other normal friend.  He look happy with his friend. This show that, this school might be provide inclusive education for this types of children.

            After rest time we went to music classes. There is a group of down syndrome and one  slow learner children who are singing and dancing. They are creative when dancing even if the words that they say were not clear. One of the song is Boboboy. This show that they do not miss their childhood time from watching TV channel.

the best part is... each of us get certificate from the sk raja muda school principle...
much love =)

entry update..
look here for the picture

children's eyes of smile face


special needs pre-school (sk raja muda sek4 shah alam)

There are 9 classses for special need children at this school. This is integrated school for special education. One station for one teacher is the best strategies for the children. This will let children be accompanied by teacher if the other teacher absent in a day.

The children will not staying at the same place during teaching and learning. They will have moving classes following by the subject they taking. As example at 8.30 am  to 9.00am this children learn bahasa melayu but after 30 minute they will moving another class which is muzik for another 30 minute and so for the next.

This special need children not only stay with their groups. This school let them be with others children. Such as in during breakfast at canteen, celebration like Hari Raya, Merdeka, or festival. They also join sports and family day together with the others children. They also will be together during awards day, Assemble before the rest time and after the rest time. The classes also will be mixed following their IQ level. This school also has been visited by school attack.

Furthermore, the school and the teacher also plan the visit to science center with special need children. This is for sure will letting this children become more knowledgeable and be themselves also brave to meeting others people. Other main reason is to let people know that this children also need acceptance among each other and taking care about them in present or future. Other than that, the school also will make a therapy for the children and invite the best coach for them.

The special need children class have two program education, that is KBSR and KSSR. The class opened every day except Saturday and Sunday. Every Thursday, Friday and Monday  at 7:30 am to 12:30 pm which is KBSR class. while Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30am to 1:00 pm that is KSSR class. Every week have four time or six time will be repeating the subject depends also by the subjects.

The school facilities provide the wheelchair route, playground, different toilet, cumulative materials, numbers, shape, puzzle, therapy room, table and chair, computer, and so on for the children. In fact, this is still not enough for the children to learn. They need a variety of materials for letting them play with through learning. Some of the material or a facility is the contribution from the PIBG, parents, Ngo, government and school. They had giving donate the therapy room.

There is a method to communicate with the children who had hyperactive problem. The teacher usually use music as a method to make this child quiet. Music is like a therapy for the child. Other than that, the teacher will prepared the lesson plan, worksheets and games for them. The teacher also use technology for the children to attract them to learn. But this technology would not using for children at the stage one. The children also will play using a number block or alphabet after finished the worksheets. From the teacher words, usually the syllabus would never be finished for children at the stage one. The teacher also would not focus on academic but more on activity.. syllabus example number one. To teach this children might be use over than one year. this taking a long time to teach them number one or the alphabet A to Z.


modification of play with special needs

The teacher need to simplified activities. The teacher also need to take a part in activities. Not only watching them play. When the teacher play with them. This can help them to continue play and encourage them to learn more. Second is, special equipment, those children who are handicapped. Especially using wheelchair or need a body support. They also want to play at the playground like other normal children. So the equipment should be change, the facilities and material also should be change. let them play also. Create another equipment only for them. Change to the physical environment, this might be include traffic areas,specific quiet areas additional light, and accessible playground surfacing. Last one is, positive comment, peer support or adult support.


special parenting for parents

          Children a one of the greatest gifts in life also require a tremendous amount of work. If your gifts comes in in a package with special needs, then the path can be even more difficult, yet more rewarding all at the same time. Parenting requires a delicate balance of patience, support, love and discipline, no matter who the child is. Those parents with a special needs child sometimes face a more difficult challenge. There is so much guilt associated with parenting and especially with a special needs child. When you are told that your child has any disability, or handicap it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty.

There is an important factor to consider however. A different perception of the special needs child is important when beginning to evaluate your parenting style. Many special needs children become spoiled. This is not meant to offend any parents or child, because it is said with all the love in the heart of any parent. Parents don't mean to spoil their children, but those with special needs appear to be so helpless and disadvantaged, it is easy to make this mistake. it is true of anyone involved with the care of the special needs children, including their teachers, caregivers and medical professionals.

Each child is an individual. It is very important that you do not group your child into a specific category based on their diagnosis and on medical statistics. It is important not to give up on your child because of some standard limits or expectancy rates. Every child holds within themselves unlimited power. Expect good behavior, success and positive results from your child and give them every opportunity to achieve everything the world offers them. It is hard to do, but refrain from comparing your child to others. Allow them to be unique and display individualism. Let them experience their own unlimited power that they possess as an individual.

Encouragement is important for every child's success and well being. Let them reach for the stars and never give up. Hope is the major backbone for success. Expect success, and no no limits, and you will see the best results. Children bring about the greatest joy and the greatest challenges in life. Parenting requires a careful balance of love, patience and discipline.


The term of special need children teachers

Special need Teacher spent their most of their working day providing instruction and dealing with unexpected as well as routine situations. They work hard with children who have physical or development disabilities, hearing ,visual, speech or language disabilities, learning disabilities, behavior disorders or mental illness and high intelligence or talent.

Special education teachers must be organized, patient, able to motivate students, understanding of their students' special needs, and accepting of differences in others. All States require teachers to be licensed; traditional licensing requires the completion of a special education teacher training program and at least a bachelor's degree, although some States require a master's degree. Many States offer alternative licensure programs to attract college graduates who do not have training in education. Excellent job prospects are expected due to rising enrollments of special education students and reported shortages of qualified teachers.

Special need children must understand the unique characteristics of each student and choose or develop appropriate instructional programs and methods. Teaching technique and methods very with the particular disability or special talent but, in general, special need teachers.
·         Work closely with parents and professional from community agencies.
·         Perform diagnostic assessment to determine student strength and are of need.
·         Develop educational goals, objective and individualized program plans.
·         Choose or develop specially design instructional methods and materials.
·         Prepare and present lessons.

Their working environments and responsibility may very considerably. For example special need teacher may teach all or most subjects for a class of children who have a variety of disability or a particular type of difficulties and meet with students from regular school classrooms on an individual basis or in small groups and work in co-operation with classrooms teacher to help children who have learning disability language deficiencies or academic deficiencies. Finally the teacher can work with therapist in special clinics which children visit for assessment, therapy or instruction.

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