Saturday, December 31, 2016

Minyak asmak mujarab

minyak asmak. 

scene 1
 dapat minyak ni.. terus try pada anak buah yang demam dan batuk.. esoknya batuk dah mulai kurang seleas beberapa hari batuk.. ehhh.. betul ka mujarab sampai camni? bila fikir logik mengikut bahan2 dalam kandungan ubat asmak mujarab ni.. possible nye mungkin betul.

scene kedua:
masa tengah tengah tengok TV cerita 7hari mencintaiku tu... kaki ni asyik bergerak-gerak.. tanpa tidak disengajakan tetiba anak kaki kuku yang paling kecil tercabut.. rasa dia Nauzubillah.. punyalah rasa nak menangis tapi tek terkeluar air mata.. sob.. sob.. sob.. cari punya cari minyak gamat xjumpa.. last-last teringat tentang kandungan gamat dalam minyak ubat asmak mujarab... rasa lah lega tuu...
percaya atau tidak? kaki kuku yang hampir tercabut tu dah okay selepas 2 3 hari. sekarang pun kuku kaki dah tumbuh yang baru... wehheeeee..

ni laa yang ada kandungan gamat tuuu :)

nah yang ni boleh kecutkan parut jerawat.. saya dah cuba.. tapi mengikut kesesuaian kulit wajah juga.. kulit saya lebih sesuai dengan minyak kelapa dara :P

okayy.. selain daripada itu, ini antara kesan penggunaan ubat minyak asmak mujarab:

Batuk & Asma
Sakit Gigi
Sakit Perut
Luka caesarian
Terkena api
Bantu Melancarkan Darah

39.90 ringgit Malaysia sahaja. Tunggu apa lagi.. order lah sekarang :)

nah share video satu kat korang


Que sera sera sera

Last year. Especially on those 2weeks. I pray a lot as usual. Not for everything what i need in future but to make everything i have in past and present to stay.
There is so much wires on my head that i could not aside which one should i cut. And by the day past. I become scared with my own tail and greedy to ask more. And i start to against what i should not. And i turn everything that against me to become my enemy. I hate everything and i hate everything and i hate everything. Which at the peak of my hate i want to kill everything that annoyed me..
So i curious.. what did i pray? Why Allah test me with the same tests. If he knows that i could never change to be better than why he still gift me this breath? While my sins is grow and tall. While my faith is at the high peak to ups and down..
And through the test He still give me the chance to love and care the person that brings out me to the world. That care me dearly, spoils me dearly, and why i still greed? Why my hatred is growing? why i still questioned?
So.. i don't deserve to teaching kids.. how can someone mess on her head to teach a kids. What if the mess turn over to the kids? What the world will become? So again i questioned... if i don't teach kid what i will become?
Aside from that, those kids heal my heart.. those kids give me lesson, those kids make me want to be better and showing up better.. those kids make me forget how hateful i am.. my life would be worst without kids.. their bright gave me another life to live in the world i live.
And most important.. they could be the reason we'll meet in paradise.. i could never be someone better. I could be a killer root in jail.. no.. i could be ungrateful person till the end.. i could be humble and generous.. and surely i could be everything that i want. It's just i did'nt start yet.. or maybe the process is still growing slowly living inside my body..
so please Allah.. if i don't deserve to live in anymore then please.. take me when i am better to myself and dearly love you.. please.. if today is better than yesterday or even worst than in future.. just take me today.. i don't want to grow and tall my sins to you or anyone.. please Allah. Grant my wish..


Friday, December 30, 2016

2nd day please bless yourself

Today i know another 4 special child.. oh yeayh.. and friday is my working day.. but Yeayhh just for half day.

One girl with ADHD and AUTISM has been diagnosis since she is 4 years old. And now she is 23 years old.. yes..   i am healthy with perfect physically.. thank you Allah..

This girl still look like a child. Cannot dress by own and still diapers person.. unable to talk clearly.have a normal eye(right) before operation(age4-left eye) but in certain situation on how to handle the child, she is right now only use her left eye). Afraid with meeting people and don't like to far travel.But after all, she is now have made a positive progress with the treatment and therapy.

While another 2 kid have problem in language learning. A bit slow in reading and writing. They also have problem in focussing..

The last one is indian boy. Screaming and her big voice made everyone felt auuuuu... yet i fon't know what is his problem.. he can't talk clearly..

Soooo... please be bless.. bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kau miliki.. especially with your healthy body..


1st day occupational therapy

Arrive at school around 7.55am.. almost 8.30am only one child.. and later one by one child came... but after all only 5 child in the school.. before 1.38pm,there is only 1 kid left.. omg.. if this is going to happen everyday.. how lucky i am.. ha3..

Around 10am.. i went to OT husm.. so lucky for the first day and got a new knowledge.. as OT is quite different and quite same to early childhood teacher.. the different is there are more details in enhancing kids developments, ability and skills. The same is there is a 'kids with special, unique and different..

So what did i do today is just for observation..and my real job is on this coming Sunday to a special child who is name Ain's. With short brief and information from her dad.. so She is diagnogsis as ADHD and deficiency behaviour. She is interested in Reading.

The real challenge is coming especially when you are working with special kid..

Semoga indah indah sahaja..


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gaji 900

I am bachelor graduate.. i have debt to ptptn almost 60k thousand with 8k arrears.. can you imagine how poor i am..

With that paid.. i can't even afford to buy my beauty healthy care product.. i can't afford to change new dress or even a shoes.. and most stressful is on how to save when i wish to travel all around the world..

Why the paid is too low while i should have a minimum pay with the standard status i had.. yes.. i understand.. i lack of experience in real job life.. but then.. what about my study? My certificate that i running to get for?

I am tired to think what should i do. What should not i do. I know my aged will growing waste just for thinking.. it was exhausted and painful too..

I wish to be rich.
I wish to be rich.
I hope to be rich.
I hope to be rich.
Rich with money.
Rich with passion.
Rich with kind.
Rich with love.
Rich with dream.
Rich with a positive attitude.
I just really want to be rich...

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