Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sleeping tips for kiddos

1.43 in morning.. faiz dan arsyad dah selamat tidur.. weheee... actually, i like to share all my gossip between my both nephew and i.. the gossip was like this..

Around 12.30 am.. suddenly my both nephew came into my room. That time i was watching korean drama D-day episode 11.. wehee.. and when they came. Obviously i need to stop.. but continue until i finish the part 1..

During watching the part 1.. boleh2 si faiz request upin ipin.. and the answer of course memang taklah.. so.. no gain no  upin ipin.. so he requested again.. and i mengelak lah.. dengan cara..

Cuba tengok ni.. bomba.. doktor ni tengah selamat budak dan ayah dia kena runtuhan gempa bumi.. wehee.. guess what.. the real gossip beg

Faiz n arsyad start his questions and seem interested.. so byk2 soalan and faiz connect gempa bumi dengan banjir yang melanda kelantan tahun lepas.. faiz tanya macam tu ka.. and i need to answer them.. how is gempa bumi.. habis gempa bumi tnya pula siapa tu(dalam cerita) and i hv to explained that this is doctor.. this is bomba.. this is nurse.. point my finger to the screen.. yeayh faiz just 3 years old.. and then berkait2.. y doctor dengan nurse being there bukan dekat hospital? Ohh means he know them.. in short brief i tell them how is that career need to do.. i keep repeated words help.. Arshad ask.. nurse dengan doctor mana lagi byk duit? I know what he means.. and i answer both is want to help people..  eventhough dah sangat malam.. and i know they must sleep.. so dengan berat hati close down my laptop.. berhuhuhu la... so i thought that the both of them can sleep after that.. exactly NO..

Arsyad dah start to be silent.. but faiz still energized.. makan gula byk la ni.. and he requested for story.. so i ask them.. cerita pasal mimpi nak pergi angkasa nak..ehh tetiba bunyi suara aryad nak2.. then.. bla..bla.. bla.. habis.. quite long.. sambil cerita bukan senyap jer.. macam2 soalan dan terpaksa la csu yang comel ni berputar 100 darjah jawab soalan.. ingtkn dah kata ends tu means dah nak tidur.. siap baca doa tidur lagi.. ehh.. rupa2nya nak story lain lagi...

So i tanya diorang.. cerita gempa bumi nak.. and wah lagi excited and more energy.. aiyoooo.. bla.. bla.. bla.. tentang akibat.. mcmna jd.. knapa jd.. siapa kena tolong.. and most story.. i connect with the powerful of Allah with the example from the child situation in the D-day drama. Sampaila.. kita kena berbuat baik..kena berdoa.. bila kita berdoa mesti Allah tolong.. dan suddenly.. Allah suka tak pada orang hitam? Ehhh.. soalan gimana ni... so i tell them again.. Allah suka pada orang hitam putih gemuk kurus  pendek tinggi tapi Allah tidak suka pada orang yang jahat nakal tidak dengar cakap suka gaduh2.. Allah suka orang yang baik baik.. jadi faiz dengan Abang(arsyad) nak jadi y mana? Then i dengar orang yang baik baik.. Alhamdulillah.. then again.. i told and really end up my story.. after saying.. look at that that boy and his father dalam cerita tadi.. sebab dia baik.. dia selalu minta doa.. Allah tolong dia.. Allah hantar bomba hantar doktor hantar nurse tolong that boy and his father.. then i saw his anggukkan.. hopefully they got the message..

Arsyad sleeping already after finish the story.. but faiz still pusing pusing and macam2.. sakit perut panas nak kencing.. faiz diapers free already.. berhuhuhuhu lagi la saya.. so jalan terakhir is i need to keep silent.. and succeed.. yehhaa!

So now i pula xdapat nak tidur.. berhuhuhu la saya..

1.Story telling
2.nursery rhymes
3.silence kan diri

Most VALUABLE tips..

No gadget No light

hihihi.. so this are all my gossip be4 sleep.. actly nak share semua.. tapi memandangkan dah cukup panjang so.. bye. Titik


Friday, October 30, 2015

Jwanita filem

I watched jwanita filem.. hee.. even though kind of late for sharing my thought.. but i think it was just fine.. this filem was not horror ghost movie.. but its kind of spirits.. environment in living also that could be a major of the child learning..

I believe this filem have the lesson.. as i can see.. how adult educate the child and how the child could be in future.. poor jwanita as a child.. the only childhood memory she had was only with hide and seek with her sister jwalika but as the day goes after day.. as how she live in cruel life.. she forgot and take revenge.. love,kind and care were lost.. she does not hv anything unless unwanted spirits,trauma and to revenge.. pity her child life and continue as adult who gained a liar love from a men..

Eventhough her sister love her.. but in her mind as a broken child and revenge adult she neglect the pure love.. how could she blind with a man love and revenge.. how could she hate her own sister after she is own mistake.. how could the story make jwanita became like that.. and jwalika still live in happy life without her knowing her husband liar from her back.. i believe if she know what had the men did to her sister and jwalika will let her sister own that men..or will try to help her sister more after what she has been through since young..

Jwanita meet a wrong psyciatrist and at once meet a wrong men..

Jwalika could be hv a trauma too since her sister kill a man she loved and the other 3 man in her house living.. the same goes to both jwalika children.. without knowing what her sister has been through she might still unforgive her sister. But after all she choosed Allah.. and tell their children about Allah and  Al-Quran and i believe this is the quality scene which the movie want us to believe that Allah will show and help her with their children way to the right path straight to jannah.

Psychiatrist and a men who already had a women he loved should not foul around with another women. We can see the lesson.. both women was hurt.. one died with him and one was living with untruth and broken heart.. and as psychiatrist.. he should be more concern of their patience matter and help them, heal them.. not kill their heart who had crack into a broken pieces..

To those who died especialy aunt nona.. that was destiny.. nauzubillahiminzalik.. semoga kita meninggal dalam keadaan yang sempurna dan jasad kita tidak dipergunakan untuk perkara yang dilarang oleh Allah.. Aamiin..

After all.. even though this movie still have clise with other movie.. but there are the motive and lesson.. just this was not appropriate and should use dilarang sign for child under 12 to watch.. ada unsur keganasan dan scenes yang tidak patut dilihat oleh mereka..

That it.. Jwanita movie..

Child will.Siblings love.Broken heart.Revenge.Men love.Kills

If the story have a different ends.. i wish to see like this.

Jwanita Jwalika

Child will.Siblings love.Broken heart.Revenge.Man love and end ups with heals.


Vaper and smoker

Everytime i went for a place and i meet up with smoker or vaporr.. suddenly i feel  a hot tempered.. i hate the smell of their smoke whatsoever.. i hate to see their face.. does not matter if they r handsome or not.. beautiful or ugly.. fat or thin.. short or tall.. old or young.. family or strangers.. celebrities or minister.. i just dont care and my haters will like to burst and pop more when i see this people does not care about the people around and the environment.. no manners!

How come they seem dont have heart and do not use their head when to smoke or vaposh.. even show an arrogant face! Ohhh i hate them!!! 

It's does not matter if u want those suck things if u are not disturbing the environment.. the people and especially the young kids and old people.. it's does not matter!! Just a please find a place with only a place for you people.. just die with among you guys.. include with those budush menteri2 also.. bila sel2 otak tidak berfungsi gnila jadi!!

1day.. if we dont stop this or do not think the solution.. dont feel regret when a babies also showing their tantrum just because they want to try this thing.. then when the day come.. a smoke or vape will be just like an icecream to those innoncent babies and young kids.. scared and feel sad..


Monday, October 26, 2015

FOOD REVIEW | Restoran Kapal Terbang

front page of the Restaurant Menu

classic environment with shining from chandelliar


Faiz cant wait another order, lets just ate this first.
butter prawn size looks good but the taste was sweet and its should not be sweets. we can still taste the sugar. Oh My God..

focus on their food. Yes chicken chop taste was delicious.

kuew tiaw kungfu. my sis want bihun kungfu Ehh the food come in kuew tiaw.. 

other order was slow services. yes the waiters just said so. but they should improves the services. 

ok.. dah siap makan boleh balik.. look.. there was aeroplane.. that what we called Restoran Kapal Terbang.

ohh.. during we wait our order arriving to our table. there is Mak cik around or kakak.. maybe the owner or somebody belong to the restaurant owner. this makcik keep sweeping the floor using a broom and shovel open. ehh.. that should not be in the restaurant when there still people eating their food. the etiquette in serving.. yes its should not be. 

after all, the services was slow and need a few improvement . about two family near to our table out of restaurant after drink their only juices. they said, its tiring waiting about 1 hours and plus plus. fortunately,patiently waiting seem to be worth when mostly our food was tasty. Especially the Ikan Siakap.


belon bola dalam air

gambar dekat atas tu aktiviti malam lepas dinner dekat restoran kapal terbang. we went to balai islam for survey the activities inside the banner. that was kelate fest. so, there was so many food talls outside of balai islam. there also supa dupa and this new water sport game. while inside the balai islam, there were so many vendor that sell a scarf, dress, blouse, cosmetics product, and few more things. so the shopaholic sure will come. 

so back to the picture, my nephew Arshad wanted and excited to try this game. so, i am too.. but my weight just seem impossible to do so. my sisters and the trainers also said the same things that i can just try. my nephew keep persuade to play with him..ahhhhh... i just do it and follow what my heart said. yess.. its night no one can see clearly.. lets just try and go forward..  this water sport game i have watched so many times before and wanted to experience how is the feel inside the ball. and yes its exciting.. hee.. forget about my weight and my obesity.. that gave me hundred year to forget how ashamed i am. :'( but afterall i am happy, my arshad also happy.. that it. end.

ohh, yet i don't know the name of this sports..
heee but its just like a ball..
and sure this game can develop gross children motor skills.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pasar Pagi Binjai

last weekend on Saturday, we went to Pasar Pagi Sabtu. 
this pasar i learn to appreciated the food. to see the environment.
all the food price were not expensive at all. and mostly, penduduk kg yang berniaga hasil tuaian dan masakan. i pray for their rezki. semoga rezeki mereka semakin bertambah dengan kebaikan hati mereka.

the kuih kelate. look so good. the color was awesome and attracting.

and this are my favorite.. heee
the only pasar who had this..
"jering rebus"



yee mee cold plate

hee.. this is my sister cook first try.  yee mi mee.. ehh camni ka eja? selalunya this food kita makan guna hot plate. but unfortunately we dont have yet in our home.
so this are the picture.

heee i also dont know the recipe. i just know how to ate and taste. this was soooo.. like faiz said.. D for Delicious .. <3

maybe later, i will share the recipe. will update this post in future. hee once i know how to cook.


Letter A recognition

Actually this is last week activity. i just made a draft and editing again. its difficult to transfer a picture from phone to laptop. Apatah lagi video or whatsoever.. ohh i need a new phone.. weeheeee anyone would like to sponsor? sambil kenyit kenyit mata ^^

so, this are the activity for recognition alphabet. Faiz do not really gemar to paste and using glue. but luckily he enjoying doing this time activity because the cut paper have the same color with his baju(green color)

this activity objective was only three:
1. recognition letter and early writing skills.
2. green color
3. fine motor skill

duration was about 20 to 25 minutes.

dah hampir nak siap.

the beginnings. unfortunately i only have two picture. could not transfer this video yet :(

so here is the materials that you need:
1. white blank paper
2. any color paper. (start with your child favorite color) 
i ask Faiz to rip into pieces. he likes really much.
3. glue 
5. cotton bud


Friday, October 23, 2015

Way out of the maze

I could not tell what do i want.. there were a day i confirm to what i really want.. but in a day.. i found i am clueless.. i was like a fragment of magnet who does not stick to each other.. even more, i could not found the loses part...

I really hate this feel.. i lost in a maze.. will i never found the way? Will i remain trapped? Will i be weak and give up? Or will i be strong and wake up?

What else i need to be ponder?  Time is running and i might die without doing nothing.. Ya Allah Ya latiff get me out.. wake me up..

One month to go.. i really need to prepared.. to be better than i am today..


Sunday, October 18, 2015

FOOD REVIEW | Teh Tarik Madu dan dim sum

yesterday, i went to kuala kubu for breakfast  at Pok mat Pulau pisang Restaurant.
above was the picture i snap. This restaurant was quite popular among the Malaysian people especially the Kelantan people. the popular menu they had was Teh Tarik Madu and sup kepala ikan. nowadays, few more restaurant start to make Teh tarik madu like this restaurants do.

besides that, if you went to kuala kubu, there also have a side dish menu you can try near to restaurant, there are few stalls and booth that also sold a different kind of dish. such as what i have ordered for breakfast Dim Sum.

the taste was good. the cost for the dish also not too expensive. except if you would like to try Sup kepala ikan then you need to have some extra money. 

so that all. i end this post.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

homemade playdough

today, around 5 pm. my nephew ask for making their own playdough.. kalau ikut tahap kemalasan memang malas nak layan. but i believe, with play, interact in quality activity with them more could be help in better relationship in future. i do really love them. Nak bagi duit, nak beli toys selalu masih xmampu.. sob2.. so,, this is the only way..  kuatkan hati, bangun dan play with them. furthermore, playdough can help them in learning through many development of stages. so nanti i will share the benefits playing with playdough ok.. nak recipe tak? hihi

jom layan gambo anak monakan ni :)

ingat nak bagi sorang satu bekas, tapi fikir dan fikir.. let them learn to sharing and take turn.. masa tengah campur bahan2 ni, 

Faiz cakap: sugar sugar.. baru manis sikit.. 
Arshad: haa aa lepas tu kita bakar.. pastu boleh makan..

hahaha.. next time kita buat macam tu yaa...

so here is the ingredient that you need:


2 cawan tepung gandum
1 cawan garam
separuh cawan minyak masam
3/4 cawan air
3 sudu tepung jagung (actually agak2 jer)
pewarna makanan

after siap letak semua bahan2 penting.. baru bawa mereka keluar.. hee outdoor sessions pula..
faiz tengah borak cakap dia buat tulang.. 

dah buat lubang semut pula


konon nak buat experiment lepas dorang dah bosan main dough ni.. tapi xpuas2.. so xjadi la plan nak tunjuk dan suruh dorang explore sendiri volcano experiment.. hihihi
next time lah..

so itu jerr.. 


Nasi Arab kambing Ayam berempah

Nasi Arab daging Kambing ayam berempah

here is the most faverote food for now. even though i am seriously not hungry and can't eat at all. i means full stomach.. haha.. this food is hundred percent rejected all what i had feel. hee.. i just really love the taste and the smell. its feel really good surely.

unfortunately, im not the one who cook this. hee.. so don't ever ask the recipe from me.. kekeke..
maybe later i can share the recipe for you people when THE will want to learn from my sister came naturally.. ehh at least got the recipe from her. then i post it here.

And actually this was yesterday menu. As i said, im on diet so because of this kind of food im cheating.. poor me :'(

the original recipe from: my sister in law mother who had live in Makkah for many year back times ago. 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

serbuk kopi, telur dan lobak

copy this from facebook maybe. i keep this story in draft so long time ago.. i don't know who story belong.. but this story give a meaningful message for us.

here is the story...

Seorang anak mengadu kepada ibunya tentang kehidupan barunya di tempat kerja.
Dia baru sahaja grad dan bekerja di sebuah syarikat terkemuka ibu kota.
Macam-macam yang dirungutkannya; dari gaji yang sedikit, kerja yang menimbun, gosip rakan-rakan, hinggalah ke kesesakan jalan raya yang dihadapinya setiap pagi…
Ibunya hanya tersenyum, sambil tangannya ligat mengurus dapur manakala anaknya terus duduk bersungut di meja dapur meluahkan perasaan.
Sambil itu ibunya mengambil tiga periuk berisi air dan diletakkan dapur dan didihkan.
“Tolong ambilkan ibu sebatang lobak, sebiji telur dan sesudu serbuk kopi dari rak dapur”, kata si ibu kepada anaknya.
Tanpa banyak soal si anak mengambil bahan masakan yang diminta ibunya.
Kemudian si ibu mengambil lobak, telur dan serbuk kopi yang dibawa anaknya ke dalam periuk berasingan yang berisi air yang sedang didihkan tadi.
Selang beberapa minit…
… periuk pertama – lobak yang keras, beransur-ansur menjadi lembut dan lembik.
… periuk kedua – telur yang rapuh dan lebut, menjadi semakin pejal dan keras.
… periuk ketiga – serbuk kopi menghilang dan sebati di dalam air dan mengeluarkan aroma yang harum dan segar.
“Lihat anakku”, si ibu memecah hening.
“Air mendidih itu ibarat pancaroba dalam kehidupan ini”, si ibu berkias.
“Ketiga-tiga lobak, telur dan kopi menghadapi ‘cabaran’ dan ‘masalah’ yang sama, iaitu air yang panas mendidih, tapi kesannya berbeza”.
“Lobak asalnya keras dan kuat serta tidak mudah dipatahkan, tapi sekarang ia menjadi lembut dan rapuh sekali.
“Manakala telur yang asalnya rapuh dan cair di dalamnya sekarang bertukar kepada keras dan pejal di dalamnya.
“Manakala kopi pula yang asalnya hanyalak serbuk, telah meresap ke dalam air dan mengubah warna air malah menghasilkan aroma yang enak”
“Mana yang kau pilih, anakku?”, duga sang ibu.
Sambil anaknya berfikir, si ibu meneruskan kiasannya
“Ada orang yang seperti lobak. Asalnya seorang yang kuat, tapi apabila mengahadapi cabaran dan pancaroba, dia menjadi semakin lemah dan lembik. Mereka menyerah kalah dengan kehidupan”.
“Ada pula orang seperti telur, asalnya seorang yang lemah lemput tetapi apabila berhadapan cabaran demi cabaran hidup, dirinya semakin keras dan kasar.
“Berbeza pula dengan orang yang seperti kopi. Ketika keadaan menjadi semakin getir dan pancaroba semakin panas, ia menjadi semakin baik malah berjaya menghubah sekelilingnya menjadi lebih baik. Bukan dirinya yang berubah tapi keadaan sekelilingnya yang berubah”.
“Nah, sekarang kau pilih sama ada untuk menjadi lobak, telur ataupun kopi…..”, si ibu menghabiskan bicara.
Kalo anda, yg mana satukah yg anda pilih? Lobak? Telur? Serbuk kopi?


water color activity

nama saya faiz.. 3 tahun..aktiviti kegemaran saya sekarang buat aktiviti colouring menggunakan watercolour-ibu saudara faiz

Aktiviti colouring menggunakan brush and differnt type of aids also can help the children to imagination, building skills, acknowledge colour name, writing skills, creative and self esteem.. sekarang faiz semakin suka mewarna menggunakan water colour dan yang paling penting he is better in holding a pencil. This is good for his writing skills.. 

Kadang2 faiz xsuka diganggu ketika proses mewarna.. contohnya dengan pertanyaan faiz nak buat apa? Sekiranya he ask for a blank paper.. and he will said.. tengoklah dulu.. or said think(3x) like upin and ipin.. hee..then later when he need helps,ideas he will ask by himself.. he is more observing first and ask.. each child is different in different situation.. during this activity with blank paper and water colour.. i found he is more calm and relax.. 

Oohh.. faiz also start to acknowledege how using the water colour, brush,colour in between the gap of the line and have high curiosity through the combination of the colour..


FOOD REVIEW | Nasi Arab at puncak mutiara cafe

Hi... hee.. malam ni xde dinner.. so i saje nak update throwback picture sikit.. xboleh makan.. so kita throwback.. ingat kena diet.. cukupla makan sedap at least 2 hari 1 kali.. ehh... at least 1 hari tu cukuplah dengan makan berat..

This cafe is around tesco, kampung sireh kota bharu.. this is so suggested cafe as i am very particular in testing food.. hee.. the lamb taste wahh so tasty.. still taste the juice of the meat.. ke3.. and most importantly no smell like a goat Ok.. hihihi

So.. here is the picture..


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chicken pie vs Rose Apple pie

My sister want to make a chicken pie.. but i just remember my facebook friend sharing roses apple pie from Martha stewart video.. so.. Apalagi.. terus rasa nak try buat.. surf and searching rose apple pie again at facebook home page.. unfortunately xjumpa video yang i have shared before.. but still not give up then i tried to search youtube and its HERE. Yeayy finally found the recipe...

After that, I cut the apple into slices like the way the martha stewart did.. yeayyy.. so creative of me..the slice of the apple.. omg.. too thick.. the slice actually should be thin.. ohoho.. and i change the recipe because i did not have a lemon inside the fridge.. heeee.. for the jam also im not using apricot but rambutan jam.. yeay.. he3.. semangat punya pasal nak try samada jadi or not the rose bud.. kekeke..

So.. here the picture.. like it? Muahh muah  cant wait to try the taste because the food still in the oven... teheeee..


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FOOD REVIEW | Pasta bowl restaurant

Introducing this another hipster restaurant at telipot kota bharu. Near to palace and mosque.. I just tried the spagetti bolognese and aglio olio.. the restaurant concept was like the boat noodle.. but in different is the price.. heehihuhihu.... 1 for spagetti bowl is 2.90 ringgit malaysia.. kind of pricey if u people want eat and stack the bowl. The fries price was just normal. Tge drink also quite Ok.. same to another type of food.. Here the picture. This is suggested restaurant for you people to visit and eat.. however if you are western tongue, then the spaggetti taste not really wow .. the environment of the restaurant was good and hipster :) come and try by yourself..


Monday, October 12, 2015


after i listened to all the AF students and look at the song writer and lyrics.. EHh,, tetiba i rasa nak review performance final AF ni..

I found Sufi are really the most talented one.. the lyrics is the bomb.. i really like that i keep playing. the music start was amazing.. write by himself, and i found he is talented and in future he will come out with many song in different kind of lyrics and style. while posting this post also i keep listening his song. i really like "DUA MUKA" . i thought,, lirik sangat ,memainkan peranan pendengar. i feel like reading a novel from Ramlee awang mursheed and this song was the theme song.

Syamel, he is good. i really like his voice.  and he is still talented. i can listened to his song and i also keep listened to his song. just he need to more extra in working his song and lyrics. 

Bila, i keep following her track even though watching Daei.. i will try to change the channel to watch bila performance. however, for the final, bila not much in attracting me to like the song and the lyrics. the song like still common in the industry and i don 't feel to come in love to listened and listened.

just when, Syamel and Sufi are writing their own song and be their own composer for their own song, i feel that they are talented and they know what they want into their song. they both can be a winner tonite.. 



Hrrr.. heee.. berpuitis pula si syamel ni... k la jom layan...

SYAMEL - HIDUP DALAM MATI [hidup dam mati]
Lagu : Syamel
Lirik : Syamel

Lakaran lukisan tak berwajah
Meronta ku di dalam kesunyian
Tak rela ku mengejar cinta yang hampir kelam
Sendiri ku di sini pilu

Angin bawalah aku pergi
Pergi dari kesakitan ini
Tak mampu ku menahan peritnya perpisahan
Tuhan hapuskan semua kenangan

Tak ku menduga kau berlalu pergi
Tinggalkan semua mimpi dan janji
Terluka aku menangis
Tersedar kau hilang di hati

Jangan diucap sesal mu berkali
Tiada erti hidup ini
Ku terima suratan takdir
Biarkan aku sendiri hidup dalam mati

Tak mampu ku menahan
Peritnya perpisahan
Tuhan hapuskan semua kenangan

Tak ku menduga kau berlalu pergi
Tinggalkan semua mimpi dan janji
Terluka aku menangis
Tersedar kau hilang di hati

Jangan diucap sesal mu berkali
Tiada erti hidup ini
Ku terima suratan takdir
Biarkan aku sendiri hidup dalam mati

lirik ni iols google dan found from HERE .... JOM LAYAN...

however,, this song xde feel pula dalam hati.. herrrrr...  mybe xcukup rasa lagi... namun,, syamel is talented too like sufi :)


sufi AF 2015 DUA MUKA

sebenarnya iols xdela fanatik sangat tengok AF ni.. melainkan masa musim Mawi dulu...  lagi pula ada DAE'I.. however.... ada la tengok bila... so tukar channel bila DAH iklan. hee.. tiap kali tukar channel pun sebab nak dengar bila.. then.. saja iols search dekat youtube.. then found this.. best sangat lirik lagu dua muka ni.. then.. tetiba.. iols suka lagu ni.. maybe... hmm

jom layan...

Lagu : Sufi
Lirik : Sufi

Inikah caranya kau membunuh cinta
Jiwa ku berdarah dah ditikam dusta
Hanyut tak berdaya
Lumpuh tak bermaya

Perihnya hatiku dihukum tersiksa
Di sangkar terkurung meringkuk durjana
Sudah cukup sudah puas ku merana

Biar…biarkanlah aku meronta
Untuk menerima segalanya
Lepaskan ku dari jerutan kalbu
Kisah dua mukamu

Perihnya hatiku dihukum tersiksa
Di sangkar terkurung meringkuk durjana
Sudah cukup sudah puas ku merana

Biar…biarkanlah aku meronta
Untuk menerima segalanya
Lepaskan ku dari jerutan kalbu
Kisah dua mukamu

Jika ku mati hidup kembali
Kau takkan ku rujuk semula

Biar…biarkanlah aku meronta
Untuk menerima segalanya
Lepaskan ku dari jerutan kalbu
Kisah dua mukamu

lirik ni iols google dan found from HERE .... JOM LAYAN...


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

PUBLIC TRANSPORT REVIEW | Free wifi Mutiara Express

Now im heading to putrajaya. Settle down the process for my convocation january next year..
nowadays in the bus also got  free wifi..  if its free then y we usE our mobile data? Waste is it? So lets use the service provided..  so this are the scene between driver bus and i and the other passenger..

Me:pokcik password wifi gapo?
Driver bus: heh gapo?
Me:password wifi gapo?
Driver bus: heh gapo?
Me: start to blushing.. byk red blood kei.. huaaa.. plus next to my seat and infront of my sear passenger all look at me like??? Eh... so do i care kan.. pass wifi gapo ?
Driver bus:heh?
Me: pass word wifi pok cik?
Driver bus: m******db*55** dgn lajunya dan pantasnya...
Me:krik3... plus dgr pula suara suara sumbang duk gelak2.. ehhh... lagi la red blood over my face...
After the driver bus start our journey.. i got it what he said.. then yes! Yahooo free wifi...
Ehh.. ada bunyi.. kak.. oh kak..
Me:mls la nk layan.. mata pun dah nk tidur.. tp buka jg sbb takut pak cik bus nk tgk tiket ka apa kan.. lps buka mata.. ehh.. seat y depan tu.. rasanyaa... ee ngadanyaa... pastu gelak2.. nk perli aku lg ka minta pass wifi... huaaaaa..

Again.. like i care.. pakai blk eye mask..
Seat beside me: adik oh adik.. dik..
Sayup sayup jer bunyi ni.. buka ka xmata..
Then i opened my eyes.. hihihi.. tau apa abng tu nak?.
Hahahaaha nak pass wifi!!! Hahaha..
Td laughing aku konon! Hahahha.. so then they the gang pun mcm nk tergelak lg.. ehhh apahal la budak2 zaman sekarang..   
Conclusionnyerr. if u want.. then try to get.. dont shy.. dont afraid..
Ni idok.. suko kotre.. pahtuu xmalu pulo tnyo kite^^
Bye... gudnite..


Friday, October 2, 2015

Futsal and Netball match

                For our eight project call named as Futsal and Netball match game. Our school has been chosen as the house of chief match game to all preschool that join the game. These games held on 13 May 2015, Wednesday at uptown futsal court Bangi.
               For this futsal game, I have been task as statistics record for futsal in court B. the futsal game will be held on for 15 minute for each game. There are 5 groups for the futsal from A to E. the winner for each group will compete to the other group and will face to the last round. Fortunately, our preschool SKS7, Bandar Baru Bangi can join to the last round but they lost for the game. However, they have won our heart as the best futsal boy’s player.
               From the game, I found the children are friendly, enjoy and talking to their match even though they are not know each other. They became friends but when they enter the court the children trying the best as the teachers keep supporting at the back as the cheer leader. I found the children high spiritual to win when they know they can enter the last round game. Even though they are tired, pain but they still want to play and show their talents and skills to be a winner.

Futsal game match

memory will remain forever. 

here is example of "buku program" during the event.

email me for full version :)


Trip to Kidzania Damansara

Tonite, I am still like to continue posting my throwback project during my practicum. 

          This project are trip to The Kidzania at Damansara. This trip was held on 11TH May 2015, Monday. After one project is another project. Our project was not the end yet after this trip. 
          Having a trip to kidzania was just a wonderful memory I will ever had as a teacher with these lovely children. As well as the moments will we had together just come to the end. I was trying my best to follow the children will as being there also just wonderful things to do for them.
          Kidzania give an opportunity for me to thinking outside of the box. Teaching not only the way to interact and find children passion and dream. But a child is wide. We never understand the world of the children but we can understand them by guide them, watch them and play with them. From that, at kidzania I do my best to let them try to plays as much as they can.
         Once we stepping our foot, we are already welcoming. And that how Kidzania welcoming us. The children just so excited by wearing a tag like a super power rangers. The adult like me surely do more excited than them.To make easier and more enjoying, the children will be divided into 8 groups of teachers which each teachers have 5 children to travel with at kidzania.
        Before the children start the game, the children need to line up to take their first 50 kidzos money. So from that start, the children can joyful travelling either they want to using the money or want to working and adding their money. The kidzania also prepare a lunch for the trip and the children fully happy stomach and excited continue travel around the kidzania.

In the bus to the kidzania

Arriving at The Kidzania and getting their first 50 kidzos

My group of the children start with their first work and get paid of

Second job and intern as dentist

Third, fourth and fifth job they have

First time having lunch at The Kidzania

Seventh and eight jobs they have at to be a curry puff chef and Air Asia crew

Their ninth and tenth job but in the salon again enter as customer after working. They need to paid 12 kidzos

Their last job after being a chef at Marybrown
Because I finally have a condemn phone battery

Other child also was having fun with their chosen job.

Tiring but it was awesome.

         I believed with this trip, the child was having their great times. The children surely excited to sharing their experience and their exploration at the Kidzania will be the best memory they will had as childhood memory. Apart from that, the children also learn to keeping their own money and how to use the money wisely.


Bila di kidzania.. cikgu lagi mata duitan dari awak semua.. habis lebam mata dan penat kaki tangan awak semua dikerjakan cikgu.. hihihi.. awak semua happy cikgu lagi berjuta juta happy.. 1 hari di kidzania ibarat 5 hari awk belajar disekolah kan.. kalau masa tu pnjng lg byk benda yang awk semua blh bt belajar dan main .. tp cukupla dgn masa tu.. awk pun penat kerja dan penat enjoy.. duit yang awk semua dpt kita kumpul dan tukar jd brng2 yang awk boleh pilih.. seronok sgt.. cikgu hada bakal rindu 1 hari dikidzania.. cikgu hada bakal rindu hari2 bersama awk semua.. kena belajar.. kena main.. kena buat..kena marah.. kena peluk.. kena nangis.. kena pujuk.. 1 minggu lagi cikgu sama2 dengan awk semua.. sayang rindu awak semua sungguh sungguh...#throwback #preschool #kidzania #abida #amni #syamimi #zulaikha #akmah #asfaliena

And surely now, I am missing this project trip with u girls and boys. how cheerful they are keep me believe their world should not be in worry. so the children can live healthy and positive in future lead. cikgu Hada was really really is missing you!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Asmaradana Dance

         Our sixth projects names as Asmaradana dance performance. This dance performance was present for our head master school transfers which are Tn Hj. Abd Shukor bin Hj Ujang. This project was called as appreciation preschool teachers and children as his services as the school leader.
          The theme for his transfer was interesting that appropriate with the Asmaradana dance concepts which are “Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka” the teachers need to wear Baju kurung with kain batik and Baju Melayu with the samping. While for the head master concepts are the king place and wearing a yellow king cloth with the right and left side are the “Hulubalang Istana”.
        For the girls, they doing well with Asmaradana dance performance. While for boys, they have to be strict and look strong holding the ascending as the Hulubalang Istana. The children enjoy with the performance after the end of the performance come up with the beautiful princess walking through in the middle of the dancer and followed by The Hulubalang Istana to give a big flower to the head master.

During Asmaradana performance for Head Master school transfer
Tn. Hj. Abd Shukor bin Hj. Ujang

This project was about a skill and talents. to find the skills and talents in children was not easy and not to hard. but to keep them bounce high their confidence was the most importance challenge. Even though they have talents but scared then a teachers task to encourage them, while the children brave and really want to doing, the teachers need to extra pull them.. in whatever situation teachers role will play a best situation in encouraging the children to be bravely stand on the stage and enjoying their experience in front of thousand viewers. 



               For our forth project are ‘Gotong-Royong bersama kelab pewaris” this project are held on 25th April 2015, Saturday. The “gotong-royong” objective are to make sure the safety and cleanliness for the children. These programs are went well and the parents are really supportive with this kind of programme.
        This “Gotong-royong” has given the task to Fathers, Mothers and Teachers. For the fathers, they need to make a big work like cut the trees. While for mothers and teachers we need to clean the drain and around the preschool classroom. During this “gotong-royong” also, the parents and teachers bring a food as pot luck.
      From this program I can see the cooperation between teacher, fathers, and mothers. I also found the strong bond relationship between parents and teachers that later will develop positive environment between teachers and children.

During the “gotong-royong”

what can i tell from here is, express the ideas. do not keep inside the head. its does not matter no one is listen, no one does not want do it, but its does a matter if that still inside a head and regret later. This activity tell me that parents want their children safety and they contribute themselves for their children safety. not only for the ideas but also for the energy with a teachers and principal approval. 
i really love to see their support and a helping hand <3


School Sports Day

              Our next projects are school sports day. These projects are held on 18 April 2015, Saturday. For these projects, the children are need to practicing their running skill with baton or without baton. Not all children contributing and joined to this sports day. The colour for the children has been divided into four part of sports house which are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. I am handling the children for Red house. 
        From what I saw during practicing, mostly the children really quick learner, they can understand what they have to do for the game especially, for the passing baton game. However, there are children who can run faster but confusing with the start. Few of them even been told for many times but they still with the confusing and do not start running after start.
              To do not let the others children who do not involve with the game, the children need to be a cheer leader for their own sports house. The children are very cheerful and their cheer leader gives a lot of helpful for the children who compete during running.
             For the real sports game, the children have high spirit to win the game. However after the sun catching up, the children look tiring and start getting bored. One of the boys’ named Aqlan crying for to do not want join running for yellow house baton games. This gives one of their yellow team named Adam need to double running from the real distance.
             After all, the children were really enjoyed and exhausted with the game. But, the parents keep giving them supported to play and gain them energy to continue and win the game battle.

During practicing

During the game held on

With my group practicum teacher at SKS7,Bandar Baru Bangi

for this so called project, I learned that children comfort should be more considered. a fairness, a spiritual, a support and a honest. a young children especially preschool, they are the youngest in the school, they need a gentle care, priority to play and match the game first as what their role should be. their behavior like easily tired from waiting will be the main reason they never to play  and we never can expect the children behavior. they act in different action in different mood. what we can do as teachers is to provide a comfort place, an simple game and a food or water a many as possible to encouraging them to be patience and stay eager to fight as active child to win any match. 

after All, i still remember how the children acts after they won or lose. i believe that children need to be rewarded by their own hard work compare than rewarded their team first. 

for each child that actively participate have done their own best. 


Mural painting for Agensi Dadah dan Jenayah(AADK) school club

            For our third project are mural painting for school Club “Agensi Dadah dan Jenayah” this project held for two different date. For our first date are 11th April 2015 on Saturday after we have done our meeting with “Pewaris Club” this project need a time after we have paint the old wall with the new white paint colour. For our second date for mural painting are held on 14th May 2015 a four days before we left the school. We cannot continue doing this mural painting because we have another project that needs us to complete and present to the dateline.
             From this projects again, we have to gain our confidence to talk to the others teachers and get information about their wanted drawing. These opportunities help us to gain our communication skill.
               More than that also we are trying to contribute something signature to the school. A colorful bricks candy will be a signature as we have been there and how cheerful and energetic the school are with a most kindly children and helpful teachers and staff in the school.

We paint the wall with beautiful colorful bricks candy

lets us pray for our little children. they are our young generation that we cannot put them aside. let them be free from this kind of poop. let them be free from this negative environment, let them be free from a short taught, i pray they will growing up and live happily, wealthy and healthy lifestyle.



Pewaris Meeting

       For our second project, we have to attending and joined are “Pewaris Meeting”. This meeting was conducted on 11 April 2015, Saturday. This meeting start from 8 am in the morning and end at 12 pm in the evening. 
This meeting are our first time meeting with parents and the presidents of the club. The meeting are went well. The meeting are discussing about the children, the event or programme that later on will be conducted at preschool SKS7, Bandar Baru Bangi. The meeting also talk and discussed about the achievement of the children from January to February. Furthermore the parents was discussing about others matter that arising such as, about the children safety, worksheets, cleanliness, E-extra book.
Besides that, this meeting also discussed about the way to improve the children skills, talents and the importantly about the children literacy problem. The teachers try to give the best ideas to the parents with the arising issues as a way for a solution. 
During this meeting also, we as a group member present our ideas for the preschool children to the head master, and the member of “Pewaris club” from the presentation, we have a positive feedback to continue with our plan and make a projects activity that need parents, teacher and children contribution. 

During the meeting held on

               From this meeting, i had learned how to conduct a meeting with a parents, how to handle question in between answer and ask question to the parents meeting. This meeting can help myself in future leading to conduct parents meeting or any meeting like this. this meeting also giving me an ideas in future how to solve a problem in children behaviors and enhance children skills with a helps of parents, teachers ideas. 


MSSD football match

This was my first internship project during my second practicum preschool teacher. at that time, i have been given a task and a chances to contribute myself for children under 12 years old football match. even though the weather were hot, but the game was fun, and i enjoyed my self, experienced my self as practicum teacher, a future teacher.
This first projects called as MSSD football match and take place at SKS7, Bandar Baru Bangi. This project tasks given as a registration, statistics and documentation. During the match, I have been tasks as registration. But after a lunch break, I am taking a part as photographer for the match. This football match took place on 9 April 2015, Thursday. From 7.30 am to 5 pm in the evening. This match was my first time experience on how to be a chief school for the for the football match went well.
From the football match, I have learned on how to conduct a football match, get knowledge on how taking part for statistics, getting knowing different teacher that apart from preschool teacher, develop my self-confidence and develop my communication skills. I also found the benefits for the students who joined the match. Won or lost does not matter as long they show a good match to be a winner, their spiritual and show the best football skill give them a reward to be called as the best winner among the rest.

Before football game match

During the match
During the match

The second winner

The winner


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