Friday, March 27, 2015

Grab each chance

Today i back to putrajaya.. my sis and bil house.. dengan penuh semangat dan ketabahan hati.. aku keep faith untuk ask for that after long long time thinking.. but at the end.. luluh hati ini :'(

The same goes before.. i much of afraid and worries.. think of what people think about me and actually that what make me lost for what i want that actually i might and could get..

The lesson now is.. grab grab and grab what i want.. do not think too much.. do not care for what the response in the future.. because at least i had try and later there are no regret for person who trying.. if still regret then it came to my own decission.. the possibility for trying was high..

This kind of things wont repeating again.. i will grab what i want.. i will do what i believe.. i will reject for what i dont like.. and i will talk for what i feel...

Cukup.. cukup sudah...

Jadi kuat..
Tiada yang mustahil


Monday, March 23, 2015

A secret in between us

Ya allah.. i hv a gut feelings.. i feel not alright.. but Allah.. dont leave me yet.. i need you and i want to be better.. help me Allah.. please help me.. i want to be better but...

Ya allah.. im afraid of what i was thinking now.. its between us now.. you and i know this feel.. and i know u know me better.. believe me Allah.. i want change.. i really want change to be better but... im sorry Allah.. forgive me..

Allah.. i really want to do something for goods.. but Allah you know how weak i am..   i told u i try but somehow i dont even think myself im trying.. forgive me Allah.. bless me Allah..

Ya Allah,i pray for good things.. believe me that for everything i had and will hv face is a good things.. keep me faith on you Allah..

O'Allah i really want love you for everything but Allah.. forgive me.. Allah..   lahirkan kasih Allah cinta Allah dalam segenap ruang hatiku adalah untuk segalanya..

Dari aku untukmu...
In between us.. forgive me Allah.. help me Allah to be better and solehah..


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

PUBLIC TRANSPORT REVIEW | trip Bangi - Shah Alam - Bangi

around 7pm.. my friends and I arrived bangi.. very tiresome.. we are using public transport.. hmm
#from school took cab RM 10(÷4) to ktm ukm bangi.. then took ktm around RM 4.70.. arrival @shahalam took another cab RM 6(÷3).. TOTAL FOR PERPERSON RM 10..
it was tiring.. taught of go to shahalam for another check up(research) but then actually xpergi pun xpa.. its just for susunan of the research.. totally breakdown -,- but then its okay.. the better is i can meet and understand the explanation thru the real person...
after then.. we are going back again.. the total would be double for cab RM 20(÷4) from campus to ktm batu3 RM4.70.. Athen from ktm ukm bangi we took another cab.. its cost of RM12(÷4).. this us better if go together.. share the RM..
but then after all..think of to make hardbound and so on.. huhuhu... everything is need money... -,-
*@tesco shahalam.. dear my friend.. cik t.. am i look that poor to u.. always offer to borrow ur money? i was thanks but no thank bcause im not that kind of person.. yess im not rich but im also not that poor and i do still hv money.. its just that i dont want n try to saving for my next holiday! please...  i know you want to help but not thru borrow ur.. this is not solving the matters.. im sorry.. but then if you want to belanja.. insyaallah im not reject la.. that was rezki... but then after all keep ur money.. if i need ur help.. i would not hesitate to ask.. hmm..
*in ktm odw batu3 to ktm ukm bangi.. there is one girl cry in the ktm.. what i care about her only one.. she keep selawat.. kalaupun xkuat but still can be heard.. at first dgr macam mengaji.. tgh ramai2 orang dlm ktm and she's recite short verse in Al Quran.. in this mind.. siapalah nak show off ni.. and then Allah nak tunjuk.... betapa gelapnyer hati aku ni -,- hmm.. this girl might hv problem.. and dia ingat Allah.. Ya Allah.. ease her.. give her strong..protect her Allah.. Allah... Allah..
after... after all.. today was tiresome.. hmm..
Ya Allah,semoga yang indah indah saja..

Monday, March 2, 2015

konflik dalaman

feeling of tired.. the teachers is good.. the children is good.. the friends is good.. but why im not feeling good.. why this feeling like.. sigh... why.. 2month like is too long for this time.. if i could not do well for this then i might could not do well in future.. i am a teacher but i am not react like a teacher.. i could not understand my self why this feeling like keep hunting..

im not good teacher
children is bored
friends is better

where is u dear me? why you dont be confidence. why u need to be compared.. why u just do it with the heart? where is ur big heart.. where is ur dream.. where is ur aim? why dont you wake up now.. whyy...

dear me.. trust urself.. look the children eyes.. look with the eyes.. u are their teacher now.. try do something with your heart.. be sincere.. be confidence.. u are better for urself.. this is for ur own good.. learn from them.. take a deep breath and be survive.. be special.. be fun .. and most importantly be strong... fighting!

Ya Allah,semoga yang indah indah saja...


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