Sunday, April 20, 2014

bertahan dengan bertegas

we can't really show what is inside our heart..
sometime without notice the others feelings are hurt or pain because of us..
we just said what we think that is the best only for us... for our heart..
and we are neglecting the other heart..

when we are hurt
we are pain..
we want tell what is that
we want tell why is that
we want tell the reason
but sometime.. we can't

nobody is not perfect to express the feeling..
to tell..
i hate to listen this, those or that
i don't want that
i don't like that

we can say the things that we agree..
we can object the things we don't agree
we can say the things that we want
we can't even say the things that we need..
because feeling in our self is different in different time..
because the feeling.. the situation is changing in different way..

we can not understand all the time..
that is why sometime..

let it be the things goes by the flow,,
either we hated or we liked..
let be us
sacrifice to be kind..
sacrifice to be nice..
in any way.. in any situation..

keberanian yang keji
menafi dengan yakin
dan keazaman yang tegas

menghadapi keadaan itu ini
dengan yakin,bertabah
dan bermuka tembok

anggapkan kata bohong sebagai benar
kalau tidak ingin dibongkarkan

berpura-pura tidak mendengar
berpura-pura tidak melihat
berpura-pura tidak ingin

bertahan dengan bertegas
jangan biar kata bohong dibongkarkan
jangan biar isi hati diketahui

if this the only way i can be sacrifice to be nice to the people
let it be.. let it be..
bertahan dengan bertegas


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

last minute job

2am in the morning .. i'm not yet sleep... bukan sebab not sleepy.. not also because i'm not tired.. but i must finish my last assignment tonite..

okay.. why we choose to do last minute job? sedangkan before, we have plenty of time compare than last minute.. is it? and the worst was me.. always.. study.. assignment.. in anything.. always last minute.. so then will my successful also will be last minute?

to be a student is not easy but it's easier if we are really plan.. and for my first time i really plan.. i cross everyday, day past.. that is the only i do.. my plan.. and i'm hunting to cross my day tomorrow..haha..

my last minute assignment still not finish.. and i'm already sleepy.. my mind, body everything is really in collapse condition.. i can't even think.. but i must to think.. i must to read.. oh my 2 journal..

bertahan.. bertahan.. yakinlah..yakinlah..
saya mampu lakukan..
(nyanyi ikut rentak lirik let it go! dengan penuh semangat)

i really wish to update that story between my friends and i.. yes.. it's sad story..
sad for those who feel sad.. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

dean list is it important?

yes yes yes.. it is no no... not much... oh my god.. for my lifetime... at least once for a lifetime.. but now.. i never got that reward yet... and it gonna be end.. that was my last long semester :(

i'm so so much sad right now.. feeling sad... i'm sad...

yess.. even though it was improved i feel something like kecewa gila.. ok not bad this feeling.. and really not bad.. it's feel like want to kill my self.. haha.. poyo sungguh..

ok dahh dah la.. before tomorrow morning kena wake up and positifkan diri.. dean list tu memang sangat bagus.. tapi xdapat dean list xsemestinya u don't need to reward yourself.. you have done the best.. and you should be bless.. Allah has the best plan for you.. for me.. Insyaallah.. Aamiin...

dear my creator,,

thanks for everything during my hard time.. thanks for giving me strength.. thanks for giving me a good friend to help me during my difficult time.. thank for giving the best of the family in the world to support my life.. thank Allah.. thanks you for giving me a chance to learn from the best lecturer.. thank you Allah...

Ya Allah.. please continue helping me.. build me to be positive and confident as well as i continue breath in this world.. i need the strength from you Allah.. even though that was feel a little sad but actually it was really good.. for me.. every person in this world have their own ability.. and it's just that i can have now.. i should be bless for the improvement...

thank you Allah..

it's near to the Dean List.. but not Dean List..
it's Okay.. pujuk hati.. pujuk hati...


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Development of 2 years old children

i am now turn two years old...

It’s so difficult to follow the ups and downs of a two-year-old. One moment he’s beaming and friendly; the next he’s sullen and weepy and often for no apparent reason. These mood swings, however, are just part of growing up. They are signs of the emotional changes taking place as your child struggles to take control of actions, impulses, feelings, and his body.

At this age, your child wants to explore the world and seek adventure. As a result, he’ll spend most of his time testing limits his own, yours, and his environment’s. Unfortunately, he still lacks many of the skills required for the safe accomplishment of everything he needs to do, and he often will need you to protect him.

When he oversteps a limit and is pulled back, he often reacts with anger and frustration, possibly with a temper tantrum or sullen rage. He may even strike back by hitting, biting, or kicking. At this age, he just doesn’t have much control over his emotional impulses, so his anger and frustration tend to erupt suddenly in the form of crying, hitting, or screaming. It’s his only way of dealing with the difficult realities of life. He may even act out in ways that unintentionally harm himself or others. It’s all part of being two.

Have sitters or relatives ever told you that your child never behaves badly when they’re caring for him? It’s not uncommon for toddlers to be angels when you’re not around, because they don’t trust these other people enough to test their limits. But with you, your toddler will be willing to try things that may be dangerous or difficult, because he knows you’ll rescue him if he gets into trouble.

Whatever protest pattern he has developed around the end of his first year probably will persist for some time. For instance, when you’re about to leave him with a sitter, he may become angry and throw a tantrum in anticipation of the separation. Or he may whimper, or whine and cling to you. Or he simply could become subdued and silent. Whatever his behavior, try not to overreact by scolding or punishing him. The best tactic is to reassure him before you leave that you will be back and, when you return, to praise him for being so patient while you were gone. Take solace in the fact that separations should be much easier by the time he’s three years old.

The more confident and secure your two-year-old feels, the more independent and well behaved he’s likely to be. You can help him develop these positive feelings by encouraging him to behave more maturely. To do this, consistently set reasonable limits that allow him to explore and exercise his curiosity, but that draw the line at dangerous or antisocial behavior. With these guidelines, he’ll begin to sense what’s acceptable and what’s not. To repeat, the key is consistency. Praise him every time he plays well with another child, or whenever he feeds, dresses, or undresses himself without your help, or when you help him to start with the activity and he completes it by himself. As you do, he’ll start to feel good about these accomplishments and himself. With his self-esteem on the rise, he’ll also develop an image of himself as someone who behaves a certain way—the way that you have encouraged—and negative behavior will fade.

by his second birthday your toddler may be interested in sharing his play space with a peer, but don't expect him to actually share his playthings in a combined activity (like pushing cars around a track or building a block tower together) just yet. Some 2-year-olds play briefly together, but it's more typical to see them playing side-by-side. Children this age often enjoy watching each other play and may even imitate one another. Two-year-old toddlers continue to be very clear about what they want, but they're starting to understand that sometimes they need to put others' needs ahead of their own.

introduce your child to the concept by playing a simple "My Turn, Your Turn," game. When you're playing the ipad, for instance, say "my turn" as you use the ipad, then hand the ipad to your toddler and say "your turn." Or you can set a timer and explain that when the bell rings it's time for someone else to have a turn with a toy. An unwillingness to share is developmentally normal for a 2-year old, but you can still start to introduce the concept to him.

Since two-year-olds normally express a broad range of emotions, be prepared for everything from delight to rage. However, you should consult your pediatrician if your child seems very passive or withdrawn, perpetually sad, or highly demanding and unsatisfied most of the time. These could be signs of depression, caused either by some kind of hidden stress or biological problems. If your doctor suspects depression, she’ll probably refer your child to a mental health professional for a consultation.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

feeling alone and lonely

i have a good family, i have a good friends, clicks.. but, why i have this kinds of feeling.. empty.. Ya Allah.. don't let me down.. be with me.. stay with me.. let me happy inside and outside.. Ya Allah..

today, i have short dating with some friends, my clicks.. maybe it would be our last dating.. when i looked back to the picture.. i feel that i'm the most happy person.. the happy Kids.. but the truth after apart i'm alone and still lonely.. The Lone Kids.. Anyway and Actly i'm happy to meet them as my friends, my clicks.. i have through many lesson.. many things that one day will become a good memories to be remember..  i'm truly love them..

us <3.. thank you being my friend.. thank you for being beside me.. thank you for being my listener.. thank you talking with me.. thank you for everything that i can't say.. i love i love youls <3

it's just a feeling that came when i'm alone.. and the feeling that too lonely.. undescribe.. why is it? this kind of feeling only disappeared when i'm busy with works.. when i have a people that accompany me.. that stay beside me.. am i too depend to the human? ya allah.. let me be independent.. the survival that won't feel alone, sad or dissapointed..

Allah Allah Allah.. keep me faith on You.. keep me stronger believe in You.. whatever you do and decided please not left me alone.. i need you Allah.. to stay beside me.. to accompany me.. to depend on You Allah more than any human in this world.. love me Allah, help me Allah..


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

my niece 13

just can't believe it that my dear sister just becoming a mother.. a woman that had married..  yes yes yes.. times goes too fast.. i think it was yesterday that we are all together as family went for holiday together and She is still a virgin.. teheeee...

My niece.. milliy ishqina rose


Doa ketika hujan

Doa ketika hujan: اَللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا Allahumma Shoyyiban Na’fian 

"Ya Allah turunkanlah hujan yang bermanfaat (HR. Bukhari) 

Berdoalah ketika hujan krn waktu itu doa mustajab: 

“Dua doa yang tidak pernah ditolak ; doa ketika waktu adzan dan doa ketika waktu hujan”. (HR. Hakim/dishahihkan oleh Adz-Dzahabi ).

Dear Readers,

sedekahkan Al fatihah buat arwah guruku.. arwah cikgu Ahmad Radzi bin Mahmood.. dia lah penghibur kami.. dialah pemberi insipirasi.. dialah pengkritik.. dialah guru kami guruku paling sporting..dialah guru makroekonomi kami.. kehilanganmu pasti cukup terasa.. namun Allah lebih sayang kamu Guruku.. terima kasih cikgu.. semoga Allah lapangkan kuburmu, dan tempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang soleh.. 


Almost four years past when i was form six.. ya Allah... time goes fast.. when we look back.. time goes slow when we are waiting.. Ya Allah.. make me become solehah to my parents.. please Allah.. die me when i'm in strong iman.. die me when i'm strong faith on you.. die me when im truly love you.. keep me strong believing in you Allah.. love me Allah.. Help me Allah..

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