Friday, October 30, 2015

Jwanita filem

I watched jwanita filem.. hee.. even though kind of late for sharing my thought.. but i think it was just fine.. this filem was not horror ghost movie.. but its kind of spirits.. environment in living also that could be a major of the child learning..

I believe this filem have the lesson.. as i can see.. how adult educate the child and how the child could be in future.. poor jwanita as a child.. the only childhood memory she had was only with hide and seek with her sister jwalika but as the day goes after day.. as how she live in cruel life.. she forgot and take revenge.. love,kind and care were lost.. she does not hv anything unless unwanted spirits,trauma and to revenge.. pity her child life and continue as adult who gained a liar love from a men..

Eventhough her sister love her.. but in her mind as a broken child and revenge adult she neglect the pure love.. how could she blind with a man love and revenge.. how could she hate her own sister after she is own mistake.. how could the story make jwanita became like that.. and jwalika still live in happy life without her knowing her husband liar from her back.. i believe if she know what had the men did to her sister and jwalika will let her sister own that men..or will try to help her sister more after what she has been through since young..

Jwanita meet a wrong psyciatrist and at once meet a wrong men..

Jwalika could be hv a trauma too since her sister kill a man she loved and the other 3 man in her house living.. the same goes to both jwalika children.. without knowing what her sister has been through she might still unforgive her sister. But after all she choosed Allah.. and tell their children about Allah and  Al-Quran and i believe this is the quality scene which the movie want us to believe that Allah will show and help her with their children way to the right path straight to jannah.

Psychiatrist and a men who already had a women he loved should not foul around with another women. We can see the lesson.. both women was hurt.. one died with him and one was living with untruth and broken heart.. and as psychiatrist.. he should be more concern of their patience matter and help them, heal them.. not kill their heart who had crack into a broken pieces..

To those who died especialy aunt nona.. that was destiny.. nauzubillahiminzalik.. semoga kita meninggal dalam keadaan yang sempurna dan jasad kita tidak dipergunakan untuk perkara yang dilarang oleh Allah.. Aamiin..

After all.. even though this movie still have clise with other movie.. but there are the motive and lesson.. just this was not appropriate and should use dilarang sign for child under 12 to watch.. ada unsur keganasan dan scenes yang tidak patut dilihat oleh mereka..

That it.. Jwanita movie..

Child will.Siblings love.Broken heart.Revenge.Men love.Kills

If the story have a different ends.. i wish to see like this.

Jwanita Jwalika

Child will.Siblings love.Broken heart.Revenge.Man love and end ups with heals.


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